To be ready to respond to constant change, we are armed with a wide range of ideas, experiences, and solutions.

That is why we're always on the lookout for people with a similar mindset. You'll have the freedom to work on providing the best solutions in an ever-changing landscape.

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Always on a lookout for new talent @ Njuškalo

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Because we value each and every employee

We take our employees' development and well-being very seriously. For that reason, we offer a variety of benefits encompassing professional development, life-work balance, health care, financial benefits, and last but not least, office perks.


Professional development

Structured onboarding and mentoring

With an onboarding plan and mentor's support newcomers can easily get to know internal processes and ways of working.

Educations and knowledge sharing

Internal, external, self-education, show-offs, e-learning…we like them all. The corporate library is at everyone's disposal.


We keep our skills and competencies up to date by regularly attending regional conferences and meet-ups.


Life-work balance

Flexible work schedule

Our hours are flexible but responsible. Choose the schedule that works best for you and your team.

Hybrid workplace

Choose the days you would like to work from the office, and the days you prefer to stay remote. Our company policy enables you to work remotely up to 50% of the time.

Half-time work for new mothers

All new mothers can work half-time for a period of one month after they return from parental leave with a full salary.

Parental leave for new fathers

All fathers can use two months of parental leave with a full salary.

Free days for parents

First birthday, first day in kindergarten, or the first day of school? You can spend important days in your child's life without using up precious vacation time.

Financial support for a new family member

All employees receive 10.000 kn financial support for a newborn child to make those first moments as carefree as possible.

Free day on birthday

It's your birthday! Time to celebrate, party, or do whatever you like... away from work :) Congrats!


Health care

Free medical check up

Regular yearly check-ups are part of our health-insurance package. We want all of our employees to take good care of themselves.

Multisport card

We are co-financing your Multisport card to use wherever and whenever you want.

Psychological support

Free psychological consultations are meant to provide support in difficult times.

Sick leave without sick leave

If you don’t feel well just stay home for 2 days without any confirmation from the doctor up to 4 times a year.



Modern office space

Big windows, loads of light, no open space... should we say more?


A fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare a fresh lunch or a smoothie.

Free coffee and tea

Espresso, long coffee, coffee with milk… help yourself with a favorite warm drink whenever you want.

Dog friendly offices

We love our furry friends. Bring them to work every day, someone always has a treat or two hidden away somewhere.


Financial incentive

Christmas bonus

Each Christmas you'll receive a Christmas bonus.

Christmas gift for children

Ho, ho, ho! All our employees' children receive a gift for Christmas worth 600kn.

Easter bonus

Each Easter you'll receive an Easter bonus.

Third pension pillar

You can apply for a third pension pillar of your choice and we'll fund it from your gross pay.

Selection process

Our fast and simple selection process has following steps:

01—Sending us your CV

After reviewing your application, we'll get back to you as fast as we can.

02—First interview

To give you all the information about the position, you'll be invited to talk to our HR team. This is a great chance to be open about what your own expectations are and to ask us everything and anything.

03—Technical assignment

The given assignment simulates real situations that you'll come across. A practical way for us to find out more about your technical expertise and a chance for you to see what your future job entitles.

04—Final interview

After successfully solving the assignment, you'll be invited for a final round of interviews with your future team leader. We'll discuss your approach to solving the problem and if all goes well, the next step will be...

05—Feedback/Offer Letter

Written feedback accompanied by an offer letter is the final step of the process.

Tech stack

Njuškalo technology stack

To develop and run leading marketplaces platforms in Croatian and Slovenian markets we rely on a modern and secure technology stack.


PHP, Symfony, Oauth & JSON API, MySQL, Elastic, Redis


Vue.js, HTML, CSS & Javascript

Data Science

Phyton, AWS, Google Cloud


Android (Kotlin+Java), iOS (Swift+ObjC), Firebase, Bitrise, JSON: API

Dev Ops

Linux, Docker, HAProxy, Nginx, Apache, DX

Design (UX & UI)

Mobile first, user-testing, analytics, MVPs

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