Organization of our people as a strategic tool

Every day at Njuškalo we turn the needs of users into ideas and those ideas into software solutions that adapt over time and continuously bring value to our users.

Long-term successful software solutions are not just made of good code but also of good understanding and cooperation of all people involved in the development process. From needs, through ideas, to solutions. It is a magic circle of long-term software development.

The better we work together in this magic circle, the better our solutions are today and are ready to evolve to be good tomorrow. Therefore, the organization and communication of our experts is an extremely important tool and prerequisite for good software architecture: 

  • Through well-organized people and communication channels, we provide timely quality information exactly where it is needed.
  • Through architecture, we enable such organization and communication to produce solutions without hindrance in the code.

By matching the organization of us as people and the organization of our software we can efficiently produce the right thing at the right time with the right people. How do we do that?

We are organized into cross-functional teams called Tribes.

Tribes consist of all types of experts involved in developing functionality from start to finish. A tribe develops and takes care of its part of Njuškalo = its set of functionalities. With this we enable the acquiring know-how, the continuous focus of our experts on their part of the platform, as well as the continuous good cooperation and care for the technical health of each part of the platform. As a strategic goal, each tribe gradually decoupled its part of the Njuškalo from the rest of the platform so that it can work independently and move fast when it needs to.

In addition, the world we live in is constantly changing always posing new challenges to all of us. In order to be ready to respond to these challenges, we must be armed with a wide range of ideas, experiences, and solutions. That is why the members of our tribes are the architects of their own solutions. They have the freedom to develop their solutions as they see fit for their part of Njuškalo.

Each tribe with the support of the Architecture guild develops its own tech strategy for achieving its goals while keeping on course with the overarching strategy of the platform. This ensures a continuous influx of new ideas, staying up to date with the development of technology, and gaining a variety of knowledge and experience.

We educate and exchange knowledge, ideas, and experiences at the level of branches of technology through bodies called Chapters. Chapters connect experts of a specific technology branch from all tribes. And the Architecture guild takes care that the solutions the tribes create work well together and form a harmonized whole.

Freedom, focus, and quality cooperation provide each of our developers with space for maximum involvement in the development and success of the solution they are working on. With such a motivated contribution and good cooperation of each member of Njuškalo, we build and continually evolve our solutions and the success of Njuškalo.

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