Njuškalo technology stack

We develop and run a leading marketplace platform in Croatian and Slovenian markets. We achieve this by having a reliable, modern, and secure technology stack.

Our technology stack is divided into chapters: Backend, Frontend, Data Science, Design (UX & UI) & Mobile Apps (Android, iOS & Huawei). Our experts focus and grow in one of these chapters. Members of each chapter besides the work they do in their teams cooperate with other chapter members and create and follow their chapter strategy to stay on top of their technologies.


The bulk of our business logic is in our back end. It serves our frontends via an API using JSON: API standard. We love open source. PHP is our main back-end language. We use Symfony and its plethora of readymade bundles. We also develop and maintain a couple of our own Symfony bundles like the Oauth & JSON API bundle. MySQL is our main persistence DB and we love to optimize it. We use Elastic for searches and mainly Redis for caching.


Presentation-backend made with Vue.js is our preferred direction. We love HTML, CSS & Javascript and always work to stay on top of new features and performance.

Data Science

We love machine learning. Vectors are our best friends. We passionately create, test, and optimize our models to achieve outstanding results for which we received multiple worldwide awards. R&D is our lifestyle. Our main language is Python, and we use a plethora of cloud solutions like AWS and services for our AI.

Design (UX & UI)

Bringing value to our end-users is our mission. Mobile first, user-testing, analytics, MVPs, and integral cooperation with Product Development experts and developers is our everyday life. Making great features & products is our passion.


From development to testing to production, our mission is to have an easy-to-use, stable, safe, and effective environment. We use Linux, Docker, HAProxy, Nginx, and Apache, and love to automate stuff. DX is our passion.

Mobile Apps

Android (Kotlin+Java) & iOS (Swift+ObjC) are our two worlds. We stay on top of developments in each eco-systems and bring the best user experience and features to our users. We use helpful tools such as Firebase and Bitrise. We love to experiment and come up with new features that bring additional value to our users. JSON: API is the language we speak with the backend.

Keeping our platform healthy

We follow Einstein’s imperative that a solution should be as simple as possible but not simpler than that. This allows us to easily understand and evolve our solutions as time goes by. As business needs evolve and change, legacy is a normal occurrence on a platform as successful and long-lasting as ours. To stay on top of it, rewriting & refactoring is an ever-going process through which we keep our platform healthy.

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