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We are sure that at least once a year, the time comes for a “general house cleaning”. A time to sort all the items accumulating around the house over the past year. With the cost of living continuously rising, any extra money will come in handy, so why not sell the items you don’t use anymore and earn money for something you need right now?

By doing so, you also contribute to preserving the environment by giving unused items a new purpose!

With Njuškalo’s app for Apple, Android or Huawei, submit an ad for free in just two clicks and let potential buyers know what you have to offer!

Turn on the camera, point it at the item, and the app will instantly show you its approximate value.

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Here are some ideas for things you can sell:

Books and manuals – if you have various collections or individual copies sitting in boxes for years, post an ad because someone is surely looking for the editions you have.

Clothes and shoes – everything that’s just been sitting on your hangers for the last two years, you probably won’t wear anymore, and used clothes have become increasingly popular recently.

Furniture and small household appliances – this category is popular among buyers who have just moved into a new home and are looking for the best possible furnishing opportunities.

Children’s things – anything your little ones have outgrown or toys they no longer play with, other parents will be happy to buy at affordable prices.

Computers, mobile phones, and game consoles – if your second-hand IT equipment that you no longer use is still working, it will quickly find new owners.

Sports equipment and accessories – exercise equipment, weights or other accessories for your former hobby are now being sniffed out by shoppers preparing for recreation.

As soon as you receive an inquiry for your ad, the app will send you a notification on your mobile phone, and that’s it. It’s easy to continue conversing and arranging sales in Njuškalo’s app messages.

Simple, right? Start selling!

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