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Njuškalo, the largest Croatian digital marketplace with more than 2 million active ads a day and 1.6 million unique users a month, has acquired Dimedia internet tehnologije (Dimedia Internet technologies), a company that develops efficient business software solutions for real estate, as well as mobile and web applications.

The long-term expert experience and investments in the development of innovative technological solutions in cooperation with numerous real estate agencies have led Dimedia to being the leading provider of CRM solutions for the real estate business today. The program Dimedia nekretnine (Dimedia-real estate) is used by more than 200 agencies in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Namely, besides keeping complete records of real estate brokerage in one place, it offers them easy data synchronization with specialized advertising portals (such as Njuškalo), a real estate exchange system that enables publishing their own real estate offer on the websites of partner agencies and quick data access through the mobile application.

With 80% of the total number of business customers in the real estate sector (real estate agencies, banks, investors…), Njuškalo is the market leader focused on operational excellence and business growth, always keeping in mind customers´ needs. A significant number of active clients on Njuškalo use some CRM software and 35% of them are already users of Dimedia solutions.

With the acquisition of the largest regional provider of CRM services for real estate agencies, Njuškalo strengthens its market position and provides business users with a unique added value, becoming a “one-stop-shop” for business users, enabling them to use it easily and meet all business needs in the real estate market, which will inevitably result in increased customer satisfaction.


 “This acquisition combines the strengths of both companies in the segment of doing business with real estate agencies, which will thus have at their disposal a higher quality and more comprehensive offer. So, it is a continuation of our growth strategy based on constant commitment to the products and services we provide to our customers”. I look forward to our future successes.”

 – Mario Vrgoč, CEO,Njuškalo


“Dimedia is now becoming not only a part of Njuškalo, but also the entire Styria Digital Marketplaces Group. The inclusion of its top-notch software solution for real estate agencies in Styria’s portfolio creates a complete product unique to that market. We are pleased to be able to share this USP both internally, but also with other members of the Styria Digital Marketplaces Group.

– Michael Berger, CEO, Styria Digital Marketplaces

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